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Welcome to Navean Wines Maldives,

Navean Wines is the leading importer and distributor of wines and champagne in the Maldives. We are sought after for our ability to stock and supply one of the largest and most diverse selections - sourced from the finest wineries around the world - and delivered seamlessly to resort hotels in the Maldives.

We offer you unrivalled service within the complete package of requirements to enable you to maintain the highest standards of excellence in your resorts in the Maldives.

Whatever your budget, your star rating - Navean Wines has the perfect combination of selection and expertise to guide you in assembling the ideal wine menu for your resort. Providing you with a fully qualified sommelier, our extensive portfolio and first-class customer service you will find Navean Wines to be the ultimate choice in fine wines and champagnes.
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Navean Maldives
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